HEX Engine Mechanics


Water injection has significant contribution in oil production and became more significant as more well getting older or losing pressure. Since water injection play major role in oil production, it is important to ensure the successful of water injection operation.

Complexity of data to interpret, overwhelmed data and data integrity issue are the main challenges in order to see clear picture what happening onsite. Even small issue accumulate and lead to major impact to the production.

Imagine if engineers, can have their analysis on-the-fly. Predictive analytics, historical trending, data mining and managing the right data and came out with actionable intelligence. Operating water injection plant become proactive, efficient & cost-effective. With KRYSTAL, all this can be achieve.

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KRYSTAL fastens the analysis process in operating water injection plant. Engineers can have instant data access where all the data is secured in centralize database. Data mining is fast with KRYSTAL. Instead of manually plot charts or query for data, engineer only need to perform few clicks. Multiple charts will be plot automatically based on preferences. Charts can be zoom in for yearly data to daily data, embedded event timeline plot and historical data can be view using timeline slider. With fast analysis process, engineers can anticipate in advance and proactively operate water injection plant. All information is on the finger tips.



With KRYSTAL, water injection analysis is easier. No manual data compilation and charts plot. All data will be centralized in database and can be retrieved with few clicks. Engineer can have more time on analysing data rather than compiling and plotting charts. KRYSTAL focus on information to let engineer know how good they operate the plan, what happen in the plant and find the bottleneck. To navigate complex analysis, KRYSTAL introduces unique interface design called Simplex. Instead of multi-layer drop down menu, user can navigate KRYSTAL from top down view with interlink topic. It simply tells where the user where to go when using SWIM. A single layer interface controller will easily adapt to the environment as user simply master the software in short period of time. KRYSTAL also introduces an e-form as platform for data entry process. By compiling critical data collected on daily basis, KRYSTAL e-form present as a single page A3 form. It also embedded with data integrity features to improve data quality as well speed up data entry process. All data captured will automatically routed into 9 multiple database. Data capturing and arrangement became easy with KRYSTAL.



KRYSTAL give operator wings to easily monitoring and know the details what happen in their plant. By having capability of access informative data which presented as interactive charts and summary instantly, user knows which area they need to look on. KRYSTAL analysis framework consists of 4 charts and a statistic which plot automatically based on user queries. All these charts and statistic are synchronizing to each other and response automatically as the user change any parameter or preferences. It simply plot what data that is critical and guide user by providing references ready on the side.


Krystal Orbital Interface
Krystal Orbital Interface
Krystal Analysis Interface
Krystal Analysis Interface
Krystal mechanics using HEX
Krystal mechanics using HEX


Download reference file: – KRYSTAL Reference PDF



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