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For more than 10 years until date, this technology by far has demonstrated its capability to concurrently manage multiple WI Programs at one go. Krystal is heavily applied during two main occasions: WI Assessment by Malaysia petroleum Management (MPM) in 2015 and SWIFT itself in 2018. Based on recorded data for MPM 2015, a total number of 730,000 data points were analysed using Krystal, covering 9 WI Programs. As for SWIFT 2018, a total of 284,769 data points were analysed across 5 WI Programs.

Krystal is an analytical software used for this assessment. Through on-the-fly data integration, Krystal allows us to engage and interrogate the data, to explore using more than 200 pre-defined technical charts, to uncover patterns and subsequently to unlock the insight within the data. The key emphasis is to allow us to leverage and extract relevant actionable intelligence related to operations efficiency. Overall, Krystal helps determine the optimal program to maximize water injection reservoir ultimate recovery at optimal cost. In brief, the benefits afforded by Krystal includes the following:


Data Pattern

Detect patterns using current data to generate empirical relationships and formulate “Actionable Insight” .


Actionable Insight

Derive insights in data to create predictive models, site-specific strategies and customized solutions.


360 degree Analysis

Krystal harmonize the perspectives of multiple stakeholders into cohesive and reliable decisions


24/7 Line-of-Sight (LoS)

Daily update of the databases using data submitted using E-forms, a 24/7 LoS of WIM performance is available.

Krystal Values

Krystal is a smart tool – it converts vast amount of data into actionable information and valuable insight. Powered with a comprehensive charting engine, data fusion is achieved with just a few mouse clicks. No confusing drop-down menus, and no ugly dialog boxes.

Data fusion visualizes patterns and trends to illustrate water injection program
performance. Data insights are shared seamlessly with stakeholders via 360 degree reviews on-the-fly. No more manual data compilation – delays, gaps,
errors and redundancies of time-consuming, resource-intensive manual data handling is eliminated. Engineers are focused on analysis

Maximize Capability

Guide WI performance; fine-tuning Improve decision making accuracy through comprehensive information


Sustain Optimum Performance

Robust observation and consistent surveillance, develop best practices - SOPs, surveillance matrices and guidelines

Ensure Compliance

Reservoir Management Plan (RMP) compliance, ensures meeting VRR targets and maximize recovery factor & EUR

Intervene on Timely Basis

See patterns & links that leads to actionable plan, run data analysis on the fly , and discover issues on-time
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Krystal Interface 2

Krystal Data Protocol

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