This 2-days training course offers participants a comprehensive overview of laboratory testing procedures for selecting appropriate production chemicals used in Oil & Gas production. Effective chemical testing and selection is essential to identify the right product, which is a critical element of an effective chemical application program. This intensive course is designed for Production Chemists and personnel responsible for production chemicals testing and selection. Operation Engineers, Facilities Engineers, Process Engineers and Pipeline Engineers will also find this course beneficial. The subject matter is presented in a manner to reflect what is generally considered a standard testing and selection path and encompass the areas of technology, engineering and practical application. Active participation through Q&A and impromptu quizes complete the course offering.

• Fluids characterization for chemicals testing;
• Review of Test Methods adapted by various Operators;
• Review of chemical Field Test Methods & Matrices;
• Selection of Test Methods for Chemical Applications;
• Interpreting & understanding Lab Performance Data;
• Lab Performance & Field Performance correlations
At the end of the course participants will:
• Be familiar with lab analysis techniques such as bubble test, RCE, viscosity test, dynamic tube blocking, thermal stability etc;
• Understand typical testing regime for corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors and crude oil flow improvers (COFI);
• Be able to fine-tune chemical specs & selection protocol;
• Gain insight into practises adopted by other O&G Companies.

The objective of this course is to provide participants with a solid understanding of production chemicals formulation, lab tests, eld
performance tests and consequently effective selection for the following applications:
• Asset Integrity – corrosion inhibitors & biocides;
• Flow Assurance – scale inhibitors & crude oil flow improvers.
The training sessions explain how testing are done and performance data are evaluated for shortlisting appropriate chemistries for different
types of applications. Participants will also learn how to define test scenarios and to select appropriate test methods that will efficiently
provide key information for products selection.

This consultation program focus on production chemical technical training, technical documentation quality, Technical management, HSE program & supply chain.

With more than 50 years combine experience in production chemical, Vision Petroleum came out  production chemical core competency system, Quarz Program. This program focuses in chemical foundation & HSE.