Reports play an important part in the provision of technical services to clients. Writing reports occupies a considerable proportion of working time. It takes a lot of skill to communicate technical information efficiently and accurately. Yet many technical personnel lack confidence in their report-writing skills. Hence, this course has been designed specifically to equip technical personnel with the capability to make a more professional approach in their writing ability and meeting the needs of clients. We concentrate exclusively on the skills you need to make the writing process easier and the resulting document more effective.

Participants will be guided through the following topics, as well as gain practical tips relevant to generating chemical technical reports. Participants are expected to interactively participate in discussions and assignments.

• Managing Reports – Report Matrix, Report Types, Purposes and Frequencies
• Establishing Brand Integrity for Reports – Visuals & Standards
• Writing Technical Reports – building blocks & reports layouts
• Data collection, analysis and effective charting for reports – raw and calculated data
• Report Reviews & Quality Control – Review Flowchart, Document Control
• Evolution of Technical Reports – sample reports
• Assignments

• Identifying the audience and the report objectives
• Writing clearly and unambiguously
• Structuring the data to achieve maximum impact
• Revising and thoroughly checking the document
• Presenting the report effectively
• Service Engineers, Technicians & Chemists
• Technical Supervisors
• Technical Marketing personnel