Water Injection Performance Management

The Water Injection Technical Framework (WITF) is conceptualized specifically to provide a comprehensive framework for Water Injection Program (WIP). The building blocks are comprised of three core pillars : Data Architecture, performance Analysis and Technical Standards. The Technical Framework is a streamline approach in prudent Water Injection Program Management and Surveillance practices. The key objective is to maximize the value of resources through maximizing recoveries and optimizing production.


“Processes volume of water (Process Water) that meets quality requirements (Injectable Water) and injects to required reservoir (Injected Water)”

  • WIM Operation Efficiency
  • Process Efficiency
  • Pipeline Efficiency
  • Chemical Efficiency
  • Injection Efficiency

WI Data Architecture

To ensure structured data acquisition and to establish a definitive matrix to assess the effectiveness of Water Injection operation and surveillance

WI Technical Standard

The basic references for guiding engineers working in Water injection Programs, either designing, operation, surveillance or management

WI Performance Analysis

To attain actionable intelligence, in the drive towards maximum efficiency; and to extract more insights, unlocking real values and driving improved recovery

Water Injection Technical Framework

The Water Injection Performance Technical Framework (WI-PTF) is specifically to provide a high-level comprehensive view of Water Injection Module (WIM) and Pipeline operation to allow for Water Injection Surface facility assessment. Five Key Performance Areas (KPA) are defined, with the accompanying measurement elements (including KPIs). With WI-PTF, different water injection programs can be benchmarked and ranked. The Wi-PTF is summarised by the infographics.

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